Commissioned by the BabyDevLab at the University of East London to develop a wearable device for their research projects.

The requirement is to capture real-time time-correlated data from various sensors, including ECG, Actigraph, Tilt, Position (GPS), and accurate proximity with 10cm resolution to a paired device.  Also continuous audio recording.  The units can operate for a minimum of 12 hours on a single charge.

The project required the design and manufacture of custom bespoke hardware package and associated embedded firmware development.  Features and functions can be altered by editing a configuration text file.

Devices are deployed in pairs, one for the baby (2 months+) and a parent.  The devices also operate in a teacher and multiple students.

We hired Jeremy to manufacture some bespoke recording devices, involving ECG, a microphone, a GPS and some other elements, that we needed for a research project. We were really happy with the service that we got – Jeremy was always highly responsive and flexible, and great at explaining issues. We were particularly impressed at the excellent after-care: even after delivery and payment he was incredibly patient and helpful at resolving operational problems. So really happy to recommend Jeremy! If you’ve got any questions – email

Prof Sam Wass
Professor of Early Years Neuroscience
UEL Baby Development Lab