Since 2014 and the launch of Sync-One2, Harkwood Services has offered custom electronics and embedded firmware design services. Designing all aspects of our products from conception, electronics and mechanical design, compliance testing, and production.

Working on projects where the client’s requirements could not be met with an off-the-shelf solution has led to the developing of bespoke electronics hardware and software.  Some of these solutions have since been further developed into products and sold worldwide.

If you have a tricky problem, please get in touch, even if the timescales are short.  Previously, solutions have been delivered in very short timescales.

We hired Jeremy to manufacture some bespoke recording devices, involving ECG, a microphone, a GPS and some other elements, that we needed for a research project. We were really happy with the service that we got – Jeremy was always highly responsive and flexible, and great at explaining issues. We were particularly impressed at the excellent after-care: even after delivery and payment he was incredibly patient and helpful at resolving operational problems. So really happy to recommend Jeremy! If you’ve got any questions – email

Prof Sam Wass UEL Baby Development Lab

We also have a well-equipped lab, including;

  • Keysight 1GHz MSO with passive, differential, and current probes
  • Real-time spectrum analyser up to 6Ghz, with RF and RF Current probes
  • Various DMM, up to 6.5 digit
  • Battery simulator, handy for verification and diagnosis of low-power devices
  • Electronic Loads
  • ESD safe work area, soldering, and hot air rework

We have experience in;

  • Electronic Product Design & Prototyping
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Schematic design
  • PCB layout
  • In-house prototype PCB assembly
  • Prototype fault diagnosis and mods