The products below have been developed in-house and sold worldwide, directly via our online shop or through resellers in various countries.


As a translating bridge between a control system and end device, cmdBridge enables equipment swaps and deployment of loan equipment without the need to touch an existing control system.  As a result, CmdBridge enables AV integrators and support companies to make more cost-effective use of spare / loan equipment.

CmdBridge is a unique product with many features to make deployment quick and easy.

Many thanks to the system integrators who have had an input in the development.  You know who you are.

Link to the cmdBridge website


Sync-One2 is an award-winning tool to measure audio visual (or lip-sync) delays/errors to help you make the correct adjustments quickly and accurately.  It is used worldwide by those who care about excellent sync in Pro AV, Post Production, Film Studios, Movie theatres,  TV stations and networks.  In addition, sync-One2 is the reference standard for many companies' research & development and certification of their licenced technologies by third parties.

Link to the Sync-One2 website

Multi-port USB power supplies designed for aviation

Specifically designed for aviation, our multi-port USB power supplies deliver safe and optimal powering/charging to USB devices in light aircraft.  Available in 2 and 4 port versions with multiple mounting options.

Link to the Charge2/Charge4 website