Harkwood Services Ltd was formed in 2011 by Jeremy Curtis, a highly experienced Information System professional, with over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of technologies including Data networks and associated systems design (including E-Mail, Authentication, Storage), Audio Visual systems, Video Conference, VoIP, Data and Network Security, systems testing, and implementation & management to ITIL standards.

Jeremy is a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and a Chartered IT Professional with the British Computer Society.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant Jeremy's full-time role was as the Technical Architect to design a secure (to the highest Government Standards), national, high-speed data network along with associated back end systems and services to support Police Counter Terrorism (CT) operations.

Previously to this role Jeremy was the Network Services Manager with Cambridgeshire Constabulary for 11 years

As part of his work with HMG Jeremy has held both Government SC and DV security clearances.


Association of Chief Police Officers, ACPO (TAM), Technical Architect

The design of a national, secure (to Top Secret), high speed network along with associated systems and services to support Police Counter Terrorism (CT) operations. The role required integration to existing infrastructures within all UK Police forces and various other Government agencies resulting in a large number of sites throughout the UK. Encompassing all aspects of the design including evaluation and testing of data and network encryption technologies (some still in development), combined with the building of a pilot infrastructure spanning southern England and associated secure facilities. Total project value ~£32m OGC Gateway reviews 1, 2, 3 completed successfully.

Design and installation of a secure, accredited, internal IT solution to host ACPO (TAM) office functionality. A virtualised solution using Blade and SAN technology, hosting a Microsoft environment including Active Directory (AD), Exchange, MS SQL and SharePoint to support over 150 staff. Integration of this environment onto the Police CJX network for secure information exchange with other forces and agencies.

Support to other Police CT business areas, specifically where an objective technical view was required to examine, identify or resolve technical issues and provide or recommend solutions.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Network Services Manager

Responsibility for the planning, development and management of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary Digital Network (CCDN) and its connection to other networks and third party systems. The CCDN was a complex configuration designed to maximise security, resilience and application performance at over 30 sites throughout the county supporting 3,000 users. Encompassing Wide and Local Area Networks and value added services, including authentication and access control, e-mail, work flow, document storage, file & print, wireless handhelds and laptops, secure remote access, VoIP / Video Conference integration and internal security systems (CCTV, Access Control).

Design and deployment of a Force wide network upgrade encompassing over 30 sites, working alongside a supplier to deploy MPLS based core service between major sites. Upgrade to the new infrastructure performed in a single cut-over during a 4 hour window, all safety of life Emergency response services (999 calls) remained operational throughout the change-over. Network carried Data, Radio, and TDM based telephony systems, VoIP, Video Conference, and specialist encrypted services.

Acting as the Force’s authoritative source of information on networking issues and provided service management, guidance and advice on all aspects relating to the network and security.

Creation of a new DR Data Centre within a challenging physical environment to meet the growing needs of the force and to provide enhanced DR capabilities. This project was required within very tight timescales and completed on-time and within budget.

Design, testing and deployment of services to enhance IT provision to officers and police staff. These have included: Biometric network login, Single Sign On, Desktop internet access (with security & full auditing), secure web based remote access to force systems, BlackBerry deployment to officers and key police staff (over 50% of all staff were issued with devices), Video Conference facilities to reduce travel and increase operational effectiveness.

Design, testing and deployment of a secure web based remote portal solution, to enable partner agencies access to information held within internal force systems. Providing the internal developers with an assured authentication and access control mechanism for partner agency staff.

Development of a secure force wide wireless infrastructure to support specific applications and services. Working with Barron McCann X-Kryptor technology, initially in development to iron out issues before product release and the service going live.

Design, testing and integration of the digital AirWave radio services within the Command and Control data infrastructure, enabling secure transfer of critical information between systems.

Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG), (Part of GCHQ)

Participation in the Information Assurance Technical Programme (IATP) representing ACPO (TAM). IATP was a pan-government programme delivered through CESG in partnership with industry.

Invited member of the IPCSWG (IP Cryptography Security Working Group), looking at the future technology needs of HMG and its use of cryptography.

Hewlett Packard

Hardware and software testing with HP on their ProCurve networking solutions. Covering network hardware, software and management applications for HP’s high end networking products and other services. Creation of various lab based networks and systems to be able to test the functionality and feature set of the equipment and management tools. This work required an in-depth understanding of all the technologies in use, to be able to identify and replicate issues for resolution.

Assisting with review the content of the HP professional networking qualification content and exams.


Harkwood Services is a truly independent consultancy, we neither solicit nor accept referral fees, unfortunately not all consultants operate in the same way.