New firmware has been released for Sync-One2 v2 to include speaker polarity, or phase, checking.

Speakers and amplifiers have positive and negative terminals for a reason. All the speakers in a system must be connected with the same polarity.  If they don’t, it can sound weird, as some of the speakers will be out of phase with the others.  In professional AV systems, there can be lots of speakers. For example, a lecture theatre could have dozens in the ceiling, generally wired as strings on a 70v or 100v line arrangement.  If one of these is wired backwards, and yes, it does happen more often than you think, certain areas in the space will sound very wrong.  The fun comes in trying to find the errant speaker.

This new firmware is available for free to all Sync-One2 v2 users.  Click here for details on Sync-One2.